Amd Ryzen 7 5800h Processor Benchmarks And Specs

Intel Core I7 10750h Vs Amd Ryzen 7 5800h

The 5800H completed our render test at least a minute faster than other configurations we’ve tested so far, and that includes previous-gen Ryzen designs, and a wide variety of Intel laptops. In Adobe Premiere working with the Puget Systems export test, we see equivalent outcomes. The 5800H in a mid-range configuration with an RTX 3060 is on par with greater-finish Intel machines from last generation. Right here is our recommendation of many processors that are far more or much less close in overall performance to the one reviewed. Cinebench R15 is a benchmark created by Maxon, authors of Cinema 4D. It was superseded by later versions of Cinebench, which use extra modern day variants of Cinema 4D engine. The Single Core version (sometimes called Single-Thread) only makes use of a single processor thread to render a space full of reflective spheres and light sources.

Nevertheless, with AMD extending their lead more than Intel in multithreading, these with older laptops featuring other processors ought to see a substantial performance uplift moving to a Ryzen 5000 method. And that’s not factoring in other platform upgrades you will probably get, in particular a more rapidly discrete GPU. The Ryzen H is a strong tune-up of AMD’s H-series mobile CPUs created for performance notebooks. AMD identified a weakness with their preceding design and style — single-thread efficiency — and took it to the mechanic to swap out the Zen 2 architecture for Zen three. The outcomes are very good, giving the 5800H the most effective performance on supply in its class in the vast majority of workloads. In GCC compilation, the 5800H completed the workload 18% faster than the 4800H, putting it properly ahead of Intel’s equivalent processors.

But there isn’t an instance where the 5800H is slower than Intel’s design, and when we appear at multi-thread efficiency, the 5800H is typically in the range of 50% faster. Passmark CPU Mark is a widespread benchmark, consisting of 8 different types of workload, like integer and floating point math, extended instructions, compression, encryption and physics calculation. There is also 1 separate single-threaded scenario measuring single-core performance. This is Cezanne H architecture notebook processor primarily aimed at office systems. It has 8 cores and 16 threads, and is primarily based on 7 nm manufacturing technology, with a maximum frequency of 4400 MHz and a locked multiplier. The 5800H is not as rapid as the 1185G7 here, while it does depend on the workload.

These graphics cards are most normally utilised with Ryzen H according to our statistics. We believe that the nearest equivalent to Ryzen H by Intel is Core i H, which is slower by 1% and decrease by three positions in our rating. It contains an internal speed test, making use of ‘Best’ setting of RAR compression on large chunks of randomly generated information. Varieties, maximum amount and channel number of RAM supported by Ryzen H’s memory controller. Based on the motherboard, greater memory frequency could be supported.

Simple microprocessor parameters such as number of cores, number of threads, base frequency and turbo boost clock, lithography, cache size and multiplier lock state. These parameters can frequently indicate CPU overall performance, but to be a lot more precise you have to review its test benefits. This CPU makes use of simultaneous multithreading technology to boost performance on parallel tasks. Matlab rewards significantly from Ryzen’s elevated IPC and higher L3 cache. Compared to the final-gen 4800H, we observe the very same 8-core CPU design with clock speeds elevated by 300 MHz on the base clock, and 200 MHz on the increase. The increased IPC and extra L3 cache that will be delivering the bulk of the improvements.

It consists of various embedded performance tests, one of them becoming TrueCrypt AES, which measures information encryption speed working with AES algorithm. 3DMark06 is a discontinued DirectX 9 benchmark suite from Futuremark. Its CPU element consists of two scenarios, 1 committed to artificial intelligence pathfinding, one more to game physics applying PhysX package. Of Ryzen H processor market variety , architecture, sales commence time and pricing. Compatibility-sensible, this is AMD Socket FP6 processor with a TDP of 54 Watt. [newline]To figure out your PCs processor specs and functionality download our free of charge CPU Benchmark utility. The most direct competitor to the R7 5800H correct now is the Core i H, Intel’s eight-core H-series style.


In GTA V the 5800H delivers basically the very same efficiency as the 5980HS that we reviewed not that long ago, so the further energy out there to use doesn’t modify the all round equation all that significantly. Ryzen H is a pretty energy-effective APU thanks to the modern 7 nm manufacturing method. The APU has a default TDP of 45 W that can be changed to anyplace involving 35 W and 54 W by an OEM. No matter the exact value, a high-overall performance cooling remedy is a have to. Price tag and overall performance information for the AMD Ryzen H can be discovered under. This is produced making use of thousands of PerformanceTestbenchmark benefits and is updated daily.

AMD Ryzen 7 6800H vs Intel Core i7-12700H benchmarks comparison, w/ RTX 3060 –

AMD Ryzen 7 6800H vs Intel Core i7-12700H benchmarks comparison, w/ RTX 3060.

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The GeekBench Single-core score can be utilised to estimate the real-globe efficiency of day-to-day applications such as Ms word, Google Chrome, and several games. The GeekBench Multi-core score can be employed to estimate the real-planet overall performance of a CPU below experienced workloads such as information compression, 2d/3d rendering, machine understanding, and physics simulation. Based on cinema 4d the Cinebench R20 measures CPU performance in animation, 3d-modeling, simulation, and rendering.

Reviews For The Amd Cezanne Zen 3, Ryzen R7 5800h Processor

Decompression remains dominant for AMD, where the eight-core style can flex its muscle tissues. Once again, not the largest gains versus the 4800H, and the 5800H is slightly slower than the 5980HS as this test is run completely in the increase state, but either way you happen to be left with good decompression performance with this processor. In the applications test, the 5800H performs well, having said that the margins compared to Intel processors are slim that there is no real difference among a 5800H or 10875H for Workplace apps in practice. This CPU is a couple of % behind the Core i7-1185G7 which is at the moment Intel’s fastest processor for lightly-threaded apps. We’re seeing a 9% improvement which is not enormous, nonetheless this tends to make the 5800H about 5 % more quickly than Intel’s 10th-gen H-series parts. Realistically high end laptop CPUs from either brand will provide solid all-round functionality in fundamental apps.

Multi-threading is a major strength of the 5800H, with the Zen 3 chip delivering 30% far better overall performance in most instances. Lighter workloads see the 5800H inside a margin of 5% more quickly or slower, so we’d get in touch with that to be even. If you’re wondering how the Ryzen H stacks up in discrete gaming performance, you must verify out our overview of the GeForce RTX 3060 laptop GPU which shows how this mid-range GPU from Nvidia fairs applying this extremely processor. Acrobat PDF exporting shows the 5800H neck and neck with Intel’s H-series styles, though it is beaten in this heavily single-threaded workload by the Tiger Lake chips we’ve tested so far.

Is AMD Ryzen 7 5800H a excellent processor?

The 5800H is rapidly and delivers fantastic functionality in this multi-thread workload, but the gains compared to the 4800H are negligible. Relative to Intel processors, you are going to see efficiency 30 to 70 better than equivalent H-series parts in the Core i7 range and above.

To see the complete list of laptops powered byAMD Ryzen H click here. AMD’s 5800H is normally more rapidly than Intel’s flagship Core i HK, though it does rely on the workload and there are some situations where the 5800H and 10980HK deliver generally the exact same efficiency. We do see a substantial obtain more than the prior-gen 4800H, with the 5800H becoming 19% faster right here. In addition to this 45W mode, there is also a efficiency mode that sustains 54W indefinitely, something to maintain in mind if you are interested in obtaining an Apex 17 when they go on sale later this year. That will give you a smaller bump to the functionality we’re showing in this overview, but as with all our laptop testing we normalize for power to maintain a fair playing field involving laptop CPUs.

Cpu Test Suite Average Final Results For Amd Ryzen 7 5800h

The 5800H ends up 6 percent faster than the Core i HK for multi-thread compression. The Ryzen H brings with it a unified 8-core CCX and double the L3 cache compared to the 4800H. Zen 3 also increases IPC for the CPU cores, and AMD is capable to clock these chips slightly larger, regardless of working with the exact same TSMC 7nm method node. Outdoors of the CPU though, the 5800H largely keeps the very same function set, from the memory controller to PCIe assistance. Cinebench R10 is an ancient ray tracing benchmark for processors by Maxon, authors of Cinema 4D. Its single core version utilizes just a single CPU thread to render a futuristic looking motorcycle.

Is Ryzen 7 exact same as i7?

Essentially, the AMD equivalent to Core i7 are the AMD Ryzen 7 processors. This is a household of generally high-overall performance CPUs that pack a lot of energy, delivering up to eight cores and 16 threads with copious amounts of clock speeds and overclocking capabilities.

According to AMD, the Ryzen 5000 series chips based on Zen 3 have produced considerable leaps in IPC compared to the earlier generation with an average IPC obtain of 19 percent. When compared with its predecessor the 5800H gets an enhanced base clock speed by 300MHz and a increase clock speed by 200MHz alongside the IPC gains. TheRyzen H trades blow with the 10th Gen Intel Core i HK and the 11th Gen Intel Core i H. This goes without the need of saying it can quickly handle your day-to-day tasks such as Browsing, Streaming, and applying office productivity software.

Net Browsing Benchmark

We are frequently enhancing our combining algorithms, but if you obtain some perceived inconsistencies, feel totally free to speak up in comments section, we generally repair issues speedily. Single-core overall performance measures the responsiveness of the computer software below active workloads. Energy and thermals for the AMD Ryzen H CPU are a TDP of 45 watts. This measures the amount of heat the processor produces when running at full load. This isn’t a measure of energy consumption, but it really is superior estimate. Let’s get into the overall performance charts and we’ll commence with Cinebench R20 multi-threading as usual.

Benchmark Functionality

Multi-core score measures the CPU’s capability to manage tasks such as rendering, encoding, and other workloads that benefit from improved multi-threaded efficiency. If you are right after a new performance-oriented laptop, we would not thinking about an Intel 10th-gen laptop, even these with the Core i HK inside, simply because the Ryzen H is simply quicker watt for watt. The exception to this rule would be if the Intel laptop is extra cost-effective for an equivalent configuration, or if the Intel laptop you are interested in has a niche function that you demand. Till this generation, Intel laptops were paired with more rapidly GPUs in larger-end models, but with Ryzen systems now like all the way up to RTX 3080 graphics, that’s no longer a essential difference. In some applications the 5800H and 10875H trade blows, such as in PCMark, Excel and Photoshop.

Amd Ryzen 7 5800h Benchmark

You are not going to sit towards the major of this chart unless you have an eight core style, and with the IPC positive aspects that Zen 3 brings, the 5800H is able to sneak its way into leading position. The Apex 17 is sort of your classic mainstream laptop design and style aimed at mid-range to entry-level buyers that just want a thing simple with the very best performance they can get for the dollar. There is plenty of cooling in right here and if you so opt for with a custom fan curve, the Apex can run near silently without having losing any efficiency. There is an RTX 3060 with up to 115W of base power inside, 16GB of DDR memory and a 1080p 144Hz show. This laptop configuration would be a fantastic option if you happen to be a spending budget conscious shopper and want a efficiency-oriented style. Ryzen H supports dual-channel DDR and quad-channel LPDDR RAM. Unlike the desktop Ryzen 5000 series processors, Ryzen H does not help PCI-Express four., meaning NVMe SSDs will be restricted to read/write prices of three.9 GB/s.

In F1 2019, the 5800H is in a position to roughly match the Core i7-1165G7 for integrated graphics performance and delivers about 7% much more FPS than the 5980HS. Nothing at all also remarkable and once more we do not count on a lot of H-series styles to rely on the integrated GPU for gaming which are a lot more normally than not GPU restricted. If you favor running your encodes on the CPU rather than making use of GPU hardware acceleration, Ryzen is undoubtedly the ideal option for Premiere.

Relative to Intel processors, you’ll see functionality 30 to 70 far better than equivalent H-series components in the Core i7 range and above. The AMD Ryzen H is an impressive octa-core processor of the Cezanne product loved ones developed for bigger laptops such as mobile workstations . The Ryzen characteristics eight SMT-enabled Zen 3 cores running at three.two GHz to four.four GHz . Blender is an open-source digital content creation application for 3D-Modeling, Animation, Rendering, Video Editing & Compositing Options on the market. Blender has its personal benchmarks and is utilised to measure the rendering capabilities of a CPU or GPU.

We do get a single further GPU compute unit enabled, as effectively as a 400 MHz raise to frequency, however in most laptops that use the 5800H we suspect we’ll be seeing discrete graphics added. The 5800H is significantly quicker than the Core i H in almost all workloads, no matter whether that is single or multi-threaded. Intel’s six-core mainstream processor is not extremely competitive, with the 5800H showing double digit % far better functionality across the board.

If your day-to-day workflow involves utilizing video editing, photo editing, and CAD applications, the 5800H is a terrific solution. Exactly where Ryzen 5000 sees the bulk of its gains is in single-thread performance. In Cinebench R20, the 5800H is a a lot more substantial 15% quicker than the 4800H, so that permits the 5800H to leapfrog Intel’s eight-core 10th-gen processors into the top position among 45W processors. On the other hand, only clocking up to 4.four GHz maximum is insufficient for beating Intel’s Tiger Lake designs, and even though they are only 28W processors, the 1165G7 and 1185G7 both provide better single-thread overall performance in this test.

And while the Ryzen H is the greatest mobile processor offered in its cost variety correct now, we are comparing AMD’s newest generation to Intel’s prior generation. Tiger Lake H-series chips with eight-core layouts are anticipated in the next few months, and it’s definitely shaping up into an fascinating battle offered the strong gains Intel created in ultrabook-class CPUs. The Ryzen H sees a modest performance improvement over the Ryzen H. The bigger gains come in single-threaded overall performance, where the 5800H is ~15% more rapidly. In multi-threaded workloads, you will also see gains, but much less substantial ones. The Ryzen H functions an unlocked eight core, 16 thread design and style with 16 MB of L3 cache. On the CPU, we’re searching at a 3.two GHz base clock and 4.four GHz boost, and it really is definitely just in these clock speeds exactly where the 5800H sits beneath the flagship 5900HX and 5980HX.

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The following bars indicate the time is taken to render a scene . As we can see here the 5800H is slightly more rapidly than its intel counterpart the 11th gen intel core i H and slightly slower compared to the 11th gen intel core i H. For these that currently have a Ryzen H technique, we don’t feel there is considerably purpose to consider an upgrade.

Technological capabilities and more directions supported by Ryzen H. You are going to almost certainly need this info if you need some particular technology. This CPU has rapid connectivity with assistance for PCI-Express Gen three. In Adobe Photoshop, the Ryzen H is capable to go toe-to-toe with Intel for the very first time in the 45W class. Previously, this was an application exactly where Intel had a clear benefit over Ryzen, but that is no longer the case with the Zen three upgrade.