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Qualcomm Adreno 660 Vs Qualcomm Adreno 650

For detailed information on the benchmark outcomes, click on the fps number. According to Qualcomm, the Adreno 650 GPU delivers a 25% enhanced overall performance over the Adreno 640, its predecessor, which is integrated into the Snapdragon 855 SoC. The enhanced performance is accomplished by the Adreno 650 possessing 50% more compute units than the Adreno 640. Furthermore, the clock speed of the pixel shaders was also elevated by 50%. In the following list you can choose devices that should be added to the comparison.

The following benchmarks stem from our benchmarks of review laptops. The efficiency depends on the used graphics memory, clock rate, processor, system settings, drivers, and operating systems. So the final results never have to be representative for all laptops with this GPU.

Typical Benchmarks Qualcomm Adreno 650 84% N=18

The chip will be readily available from early 2020 and will be applied primarily in higher-finish Android devices. According to Qualcomm, the Adreno 660 GPU gives a 35% improved efficiency more than the Adreno 650, its predecessor, which is integrated into the Snapdragon 865 SoC. Qualcomm also states that the power efficiency enhanced by 20% which may well be due to the new 5nm approach at Samsung exactly where the chip is produced.

Is sd870 much better than sd865?

Compared to the similar and older Snapdragon 865+, the Prime Core clocks one hundred MHz more rapidly and the GPU is slightly greater clocked. Consequently, the Snapdragon 870 is slightly more rapidly than the old Snapdragon 865 and 865 Plus and slots in behind the high finish Snapdragon 888.

The Adreno 650 supports Vulkan 1.1, DirectX 12, OpenGL ES three.two, and OpenCL two. FP. In GFXBench only the Apple A13 GPU is able to greatest the Adreno 650 . The Qualcomm Adreno 660 is a smartphone and tablet GPU that is integrated within the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC.